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Solaut produces automatic systems and industrial robots for the French-speaking market

Solaut produces automatic systems and industrial robots for the German-speaking market

Solaut produces automatic systems and industrial robots for the Italian market

Solaut produces automatic systems and industrial robots for the Spanish-speaking market

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Cartersian industrial robots

click for dedicated page Cartesian robot for industrial automation and machine tending

Solaut realizes 9 different types of Cartesian industrial robots. Our industrial robots allow the creation of applications ranging from pick and place to more complex automatic systems such as assembly and automatic gluing machines for production. We specialize in making long-stroke robots (axis travel greater than 3m); this type of machine finds application in automatic warehouses, palletizers and depalletizers.

Palletizers, depalletisers and conveyor

click for dedicated page Palletisers and conveyors to realize end of line and industrial automation

Solaut produces conveyor and palletizers to realize end-of-line industrial automations. The proposal of automatic palletizers is of 15 models able to satisfy the widest requirements of end-line automation. The production of conveyor allows the realization of small end lines with a high level of automation. We create depalletisers for boxes, bundles and bags, using cartesian robots of our own production or even articulated arm robots both new and used. We can supply customized grippers for the application and the robot model. For robot integrators we can supply the necessary contour for the palletizing cells: gripper, base and conveyor belts.

Case packers and tray former

click for dedicated page Automatic tray former snap lock bottom boxes

Solaut realizes automatic trays for cartons and cartoners. We specialize in making machines for filling trays with snap-open or open American boxes; both types of packaging have an open side that must be closed by a lid. Filling takes place by means of cartesian robots with gripping elements designed for the products to be handled. Our machines are designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the customer; they are basically custom made machines.

Sheet loader

click for dedicated page Automatic sheet loader for sheets, plates and panels

Solaut produces automatic sheet loaders for sheets, paper, plastic and metal panels. The proposed models are used in the supply of cutting and printing plotters, printing and screen printing machines, assembly and gluing machines. Our production offers solutions for the most varied types of products and sizes. We produce sheet feeder for loading, unloading and loading / unloading, to serve one or more plotter or industrial printers. The dimensions of the sheets or sheets reach a maximum of 3200mm.