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Depalletiser with cartesian and articulated arm robots

Solaut produces automatic depalletizers using cartesian and articulated arm robots. The automatic depalletisers we produce can be used for bags, jars, bottles and boxes. The Cartesian robots we use to make our automatic depalletizers are the column robots of the series CC and the cartesian gantry robots of the series CP. For high-speed depalletization we can supply cells made with articulated arm robots.

Click for more images Cartesian column type depalletiser for bags


The column depalletizer is a machine that allows to de-palletize bags, boxes, cluster pack, bottles, from one to 8-10 pallet places. The machine is used in applications with low or medium productivity. Being able to tender a large number of pallet places, it is ideal for feeding material in bags of production lines of the plastic or food industry. Thanks to careful design and a choice of targeted components, we can offer a machine with good performance at an extremely competitive price.

The video on the page shows a 4-axis column depalletizer used for depalletizing bags with 4 pallet positions and the unloading of the contents in one of the 6 tanks next to the robot. Each tank has a device that cuts the bag to allow the bag to be drained; the cutted bag is released into a discharge point which can be a compactor.

The transverse axis "Y" on which the gripping element is constrained has two degrees of freedom: the translation of the entire beam and the translation of the carrier on the beam. Thanks to this double movement, the machine can work on the pallet side without interfering with the tanks (positioned on the opposite side). This architecture allows you to have the pallets very close, saving space and costs.

The system is completely automatic: each tank is equipped with two capacitive level sensors that start and stop the depalletiser based on the use of the product.

articulated arm robot depalletizer


For customers wishing to use articulated arm robots for depalletizing of boxes, cluster packs and bags we can supply complete cells consisting of pallet conveyors, pallet stackers, product conveyors, robots, robot base and gripping units. We can supply both new and used robots. The islands are completed by the software programming of the robot, the perimeter safety guards, the electrical system and the use and maintenance manuals with declaration of conformity to the machinery directive.

Depending on the type of robot used, the grip can be performed with the guidance of vision systems. With the possible addition of an auxiliary axis to the robot controller it is possible to use gripping elements with an electric actuator. The robot can also remove the pallet slip sheet directly.

Click for more images Cartesian gantry depalletizer for food industry bags


The automatic bridge depalletizer is a machine that derives from our cartesian gantry robot. The machine is used in the feeding of food lines where there is the need to take the ingredients to be mixed from a large number of pallets. The example in the figure to the left works with 20 pallets simultaneously. The machine is also used in the plastic industry for feeding production lines with granulated products contained in bags. The machine is particularly economical and can be used essentially for depalletizing bags: the not particularly high positioning precision makes it preferred in those applications, such as the movement of bags, where this feature is not essential. It is possible to guide the grip with vision systems applied to the gripper.

click for dedicated page Electrically controlled grippers for depalletizing boxes and cluster-packs


Solaut produces gripping elements to be used for its own depalletizing cells and as an isolated supply for integrators and even end users. The gripping elements we can supply are divided into grippers for boxes and cluster packs and gripping elements for bags.

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Our grippers are always made to customer specifications to be able to adapt optimally to the needs of the individual application. The figure shows a gripper for picking up boxes and cluster packs, as well as for removing the cardboard pallet slip sheet. The control of the gripping plate is electric with servomotor.